Using the Goals Material Effectively

The following content is intended to act as a guide to teachers, Goals Coordinators and staff members on the use of the Goals in the day to day operations of the school.

Although our Goals are articulated and described as separate entities, they combine to provide a unified structure of meaning to our educational philosophy. When we consider the meaning inherent in each individual Goal, we can see that the values the Goals represent overlap and are interlinked. The following pages offer some assistance in putting these values into action in our daily mission as educators. The suggested exercises are designed to inform, encourage and stimulate creative action. Our Goals only become effective through appropriate and persistent action.

The Goal pages are designed with similar sections as outlined in the model below:

The Goal

This section provides a short outline of the purpose of the Goal.

Some reflection on this statement will stimulate your own insights on the essence of the Goal and its meaning as a critical element of our ethos.

The Challenge

This section describes the broad outcomes that we expect to achieve through pursuit of the Goal in question.

How Can We Achieve This?

These statements offer suggestions on ways to put the Goal into action. Reflection on these statements will generate many ideas on possible interventions you can take in the school.  

Key Words

This is a list of key words or terms associated with the Goal. The Key Word Exercise is carried out as follows.

  • Nominate a Key Word or ask pupils to nominate one.
  • Ask pupils to discuss the word in small groups for 5 minutes, discussing questions such as ‘What does it mean to them?’ ‘How could it effect their lives?’.
  • Nominate a Facilitator and a group Reporter for each group.
  • The Reporter summarises the group’s output and feeds back verbally to the entire class.

Suggested Exercises

This section offers a list of possible exercises related to the Goal. It is hoped that this list will stimulate your own ideas on creative exercises with which to engage pupils with the Goals. Use the list as a guide and modify the exercises in any way you consider to be appropriate for your pupils. You may feel that some exercises are more suited to older pupils. Your knowledge and experience will guide you here.

How Can We Evaluate Outcomes?

It is critical that we monitor our individual and whole school performance with respect to our Goals. Are we achieving our objectives?

Honest evaluation will motivate us to continue where we are doing well and take action in those areas where improvement is necessary. Essentially, we will never be fully satisfied with results because we are on a continuous improvement path and circumstances are constantly changing. Evaluation will sharpen our awareness in this area.

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