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Sacred Heart Timeline 1779 Madeleine Sophie Barat Born in Joigny

12 December

Sacred Heart Timeline 1789 The French revolution

Sophie lived through The French Revolution (1789–1799), a period of political and social upheaval and radical change.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1790Convents are abolished

The French National Assembly passes decree abolishing all convents.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1798The world in upheaval

The United Irishmen rebel against British rule. Napoleon invades Malta. The Knights of St. John are expelled and convents are abolished. The Maltese rise against the French.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1800The Society of the Sacred Heart

Father Louis Varin had requested her to found a religious order dedicated to the Heart of Jesus. The Acts of Union unite the Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland, creating the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. In Malta the French capitulate and Malta is placed under the protection of the British Crown.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1801First Sacred Heart School opens

The first Sacred Heart school opens in Amiens.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1881Sacred Heart in America

Rose Philippine Duchesne brings the Society to America.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1842Sacred Heart School opens in Roscrea

First Irish Sacred Heart school opens in Roscrea. This was just before the Great Famine (An Gorta Mór, 1845 -1852).

Sacred Heart Timeline 1851School opens in Armagh

Mother Eliza Croft opens the school in Armagh with the assistance of Archbishop Cullen.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1853School opens in Glasnevin

School opens in Glasnevin, Dublin by Mother Eliza Croft. William Dargan, the ‘father of Irish railways’, arranges the ‘Dublin Exhibition’ and sponsors it heavily.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1865Sophie dies

Sophie dies on 25th May. Glasnevin School transfers to the former home of William Dargan in Mount Anville, Dublin, the current location of the Montessori/ Junior and Secondary Schools.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1875Sacred Heart School opens on Harcourt St

Convent and school founded in Harcourt St., Dublin by Mother Susan West.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1885Harcourt St School moves

Harcourt St. School transfers to Leeson St., Dublin.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1895-96Sacred Heart School opens in Scotland

First house of the Society of the Sacred Heart in Scotland is founded by Mother Anne Walsh and the first school opens in Aberdeen.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1903School opens in Malta

The Society of the Sacred Heart arrives in Malta and the first school opens.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1918Teacher training college opens

Mother Margaret Walsh founds Teacher Training College in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1920Training college moves

Teacher Training College moves to Craiglockhart and Boarding School opens.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1924Irish-Scottish Province founded

The Irish-Scottish Province is founded.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1925Sophie is canonised

Sophie is canonised. Feast Day 25th May.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1930School opens in Kilgraston

School opens in Kilgraston, Scotland.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1934New official languages declared in Malta

English and Maltese are declared the official languages of Malta. Until then, Italian was the official language.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1944Teacher training college opens

The Society of the Sacred Heart opens the first Teacher Training College in Malta.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1945Sacred Heart School opens in Monkstown

School is founded in Monkstown, Co. Dublin by Mother Mary Connolly.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1955School opens in Kilmacud

Mount Anville Primary School is founded in Kilmacud.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1962Roscrea school moves

Roscrea school moves to new building.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1967Leeson St. pupils transfer

Leeson St. pupils transfer to Mount Anville, Dublin.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1973European Union

Ireland and UK join the European Union.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1977Monkstown pupils transfer

Monkstown pupils transfer to Mount Anville, Dublin.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1988St. Rose Philippine Duchesne canonised

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne is canonised. Feast Day 18th November.

Sacred Heart Timeline 1997Irish-Scottish Network set up

The Network of Sacred Heart Schools is set up by the Irish-Scottish Provincial Council.

Sacred Heart Timeline 2004Malta joins the network

The Convent of the Sacred Heart School Foundation in Malta joins the Irish-Scottish Network of Sacred Heart Schools. Malta joins the European Union.

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