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10.11.2014Mount Anville Secondary School, Dublin - Embracing The Sacred Heart Goal of Character

The Sacred Heart School community in Mount Anville Secondary School, Dublin have been very busy so...

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29.10.2014Natasha Mifsud assigned as Deputy Head of Sacred Heart College Junior School Malta

My new role.... I have always loved being part of the Sacred Heart family and for me...

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28.10.2014Inspirational Quotes from Mount Anville Montessori Junior School

Here are some inspirational quotes, chosen by children at Mount Anville Montessori Junior School. Our pupils...

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28.10.2014Character Shining Bright

Character shining bright is a school project done by the Sacred Heart College Junior School Malta....

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15.06.2014Sacred Heart Art Competition Winners 2014

Each year our network of Sacred Heart Schools in Ireland, Scotland and Malta host an art...

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