Journaling Time At Sacred Heart College Junior School Malta

21 December 2015

The Year 4 Sunflowers in Ms. Pauline’s class have started writing a weekly journal every Friday afternoon.

 We first reflect on how we were smart throughout the week.  Then we are all left free to write and depict how we were actually smart.  We listen to relaxing classical music by famous composers such as Chopin and Mozart.  

 'We have more time alone and we get to think about more things that we went through during school,' Rania Stroud

 'We have time to reflect and remember what we did,' Lea Foerg

 'You can write about your week and explain it by drawing,' Krista Borg

 'When you grow up, we can read the book and know what we were smart in and become even better,' Maria Borg

 'Some people want to say what smart they are but they cannot because they are shy. The journal helps them write it,' Coral Vassallo

 'We have fun writing what we did during the week,' Kyra Camilleri

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