A Reflection to read aloud to/with parents of First Communion Class at Sacramental Meeting

(Can be read while standing around a display pupils’ Little Beings or self portraits  or even a class photo)

Take a moment to think about and consider….  (Pause after each line)

What did you help your child with today?
What was the first thing they said to you this morning?
What kind of day did they have at school I wonder? Did they tell you?
What is their last thought before they fall asleep tonight?
What do they want to be when they grow up this week?
How are they feeling about First Penance and Eucharist?

You know your child so much better than anyone else and yet…they are  so decidedly their own little person….complicated, full of dreams and emotions, easy to please one day , impossible to fathom the next. They are yours, they are themselves and they are God the Fathers. They are wonderful.

Let us Pray

O Gracious God,
Who so generously lavishes our lives with goodness,
who has given us the children we hold in our hearts tonight,
Create in our hearts a deep centre of real gratitude and thanksgiving.

Let us share our treasures freely.
As the light of Christ given at Baptism, grows stronger and brighter in our little ones,
We remember how you cherish and love each member of our families….
Let us always be thankful and open-hearted
As you reach further into our lives as we continue our journey of faith towards you.

As we bring our children before to meet you in a new and special way,
Fill us with the same joy and unconditional love for them that we sometimes forget Father, you feel for us.


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