Sacred Heart Schools Network

Sacred Heart Schools Network was established to support Sacred Heart Schools in the Irish-Scottish Province and Malta as they work to implement the core values of Sacread Heart Education.

The Function of the Network Office

The Network Office is located in Mount Anville House. The primary function of the Office is to provide services and support to Sacred Heart Schools as they work to implement the core values of Sacred Heart Education. The office provides in-service training and induction for staff of the various schools, organises annual conferences for Heads and Deputies, termly meetings for school co-ordinators and facilitates inter-school contact, visits and shared curricular projects.

Each school in the Network works on the implementation of the same Goal in the same school year. This is done in a spirit of co-operation and sharing which is underpinned by a common vision and a commitment to the philosophy of Sacred Heart Education. Creative and innovative ideas on how to make the implementation of the various Goals a reality are freely shared.

The present leaders of schools in the Network are motivated by the desire to ensure that future generations of young people can continue to be influenced by the values of Sacred Heart Education. They believe that the unity and solidarity which membership of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools provides is the framework to make this possible.

The Schools in the Network






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