Sacred Heart Primary School, Roscrea, Ireland

The Society of the Sacred Heart has been to the forefront in education in Roscrea since before the Famine. In fact, the first Sacred Heart Convent in Ireland was founded in the town in 1842. In 1992 the Society celebrated one hundred and fifty years of education in Roscrea.

Pupils are drawn from all areas of the town and its environs. The school is coeducational and caters for boys and girls from 4 to 12 years of age from a mixed socioeconomic background. A new building was provided for the primary school in 1962.Extensions have been added since including a facility for travelling families which was built in 1988. Travelling families are fully integrated into the mainstream classrooms and activities in the school.

The school recognises the uniqueness, inherent worth and dignity of each pupil. The pupils are encouraged to know themselves, accept their limitations and share their talents with others.

The educational programme is designed to help all pupils take their place as responsible citizens in an inter-dependent world whilst appreciating the difference in culture, race and religion.

The school seeks to develop a participative approach to the building of community. Pupils and their parents/guardians combine with the school staff to form a truly educational community. A new aspect to this community is the contribution from the increasing number of international pupils who attend the school.

What Makes Our School Unique

Our school

  • is the only Sacred Heart School in Munster
  • is multicultural and inclusive, providing a place for everyone
  • is enriched by the many people who make up our school community
  • has adapted to many changes in society
  • uses artistic ability to create a friendly environment
  • has openly welcomed and embraced the differences and cultures of our varied new-comer pupils from different nationalities around the world
  • is an eco-friendly school
  • incorporates many of the Department of Education’s new initiatives to cater for the disadvantaged and marginalised

Operational / Administrative

Type of School

Public School


250 pupils from a variety of backgrounds


22 Teaching Staff

7 Special Needs Assistants

1 Caretaker

1 Secretary

1 Cleaner


Assembly Hall, Parents’ Room, Computer Room. The playground area, concrete and lawn, is to the front and side of the building. In Summer 1990, a Ball Court was provided behind the school to enable children to play basket ball and volleyball.

Primary School Roscrea, Tipperary, Ireland

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Fax: +353 505 21620
Address: Airhill Road, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

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