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Prayers please for our school in Cairo, the pupils, the staff, their families and communities. I asked the schools here in England to remember them in their prayers today, the Feast of the Birthday of the Society. I told Carol, head of Sacre Coeur Ghamra, who attended the Taiwan Conference. She sent me this reply this evening:

"Thank you so much for your concern, for your prayers and for your thoughts. Indeed, things are flairing up again very strongly just few days before the due date for the upcoming elections. We had to send our girls home early today because we have been informed that the situation at Tahrir's square was getting more and more violent and we were concerned for the safety of the girls.

The son of one of our staff members was severely injured while participating in the demonstrations. A huge number of young activists were injured and some were killed. People here have mixed feelings of anger and despair, they're becoming impatient and determined.

May God protect this beautiful country and its beautiful people. We are counting on your prayers."

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