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In our school, St Joseph's PS Aberdeen, we have been examining our Faith through initially discussing what Faith is and means to each of us. My class discussed the difference in a factual Faith and a spiritual Faith. We then looked at the image of the hand that features so vividly through the texts of the Bible. From the very inception of Adam where God's loving touch breathed life into man to the image of Jesus using his touch to cure the sick and finally to Our Lady, the Handmaiden of the Lord who takes us by the hand to heaven.

From this we drew round our hands and on each finger we wrote about 1 thing on this earth and after that we have Faith in. Then I spoke to the children and asked them what is the cement that holds these beliefs together and what holds our fingers together, the palm, God. On each palm depicted a sign of God.

We also looked closely at how we can strengthen our Faith. Through communicating to God, prayer and his response and answer, the Bible - the Word of God. From here the children created story pictures depicting a scene from an Old Testament story. The words had to be positioned to create the line of the picture and the words delved into the symbolism, imagery and ultimately the message God was conveying.

Below are the results...


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