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One of the important aspects of Sacred Heart Education is the active involvement of parents and guardians in the school community. This involvement is highly valued, recognising that parents and guardians are the primary and most important educators of their children.

Parents and guardians, who may also be members of Parent Councils and Boards of Management, make a direct and valuable contribution to the administration and management of the schools. This involvement also fosters a community spirit, bringing them into contact with pupils, management and staff. In addition, parents and guardians provide valuable support in promoting the values and ethos of Sacred Heart Education through the Five Goals that emphasise:

This support is welcome and can manifest itself in many ways such as:

  • Nurturing and promoting a sense of respect for these values and goals both in the school environment and at home

  • Having direct involvement with the school community

  • Helping their children understand what the school is trying to achieve

  • Supporting their children in various activities, for example:

    • Fundraising events (individual or class connected)

    • Making them aware of voluntary work in the local community

    • Supporting various charity appeals (local, national or international)

  • Nurturing a sense of compassion and responsibility by encouraging their children to participate in active service to others through work in local or national projects

  • Making a contribution as motivational speakers at school events, assemblies etc.

Parents and guardians who are involved in professional caring roles or sectors could be instrumental in setting up work experience or workshops for pupils to experience the values of giving, compassion, sharing and obtaining a clear knowledge of social issues in their community.

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