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Dear Parents,

We have begun the season of Lent. In school we try to get the children to see this time as a time to turn away from the “busy-ness “ of the world, a time to reflect on their lives and see if they are really following the way Jesus showed.

You might like to set aside a sacred space somewhere in your home for Lent. Each night you might like to light the candle. Your child can reflect on the day’s events. S/he can plan for the next activity to help follow Jesus in Lent. If the activity suggested does not suit for your child, simply choose another one.

You might find this prayer service useful.





Turn away, turn away from too busy-ness


Be quiet, be still and pray


Turn towards God in the wilderness


urn, turn, day by day.


Let us think of some things we are just too busy for. We are rushing about so much we sometimes forget to make time for others.


Child / Parent:


For the times we are too busy to listen.


We are sorry God.


For the times when we are too busy watching television


We are sorry God.


For the times we are too busy fighting or shouting


We are sorry God.


For the times we want our own way


We are sorry God.


For the times we didn’t help.


We are sorry God.



Let us close our eyes and be quiet for a while.


Let us remember those who asked us to pray for them.


Let us thank God for all his love.


Now let us decide what we will do tomorrow to follow Jesus.


Now let us ask God to bless us as we say:


In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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