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In all the Sacred Heart Network of Schools this year we are concentrating on the Goal of FAITH.

We know it’s one of those things we may not think or talk about a lot…but over the year, starting with School Mass on Thursday, we are going to be doing a lot of work with the children around the topic of FAITH.

You can see why then, why we need YOUR help. FAITH, although, we share it, is a very different experience in every family. That is why we hope you will spend some time with your child trying to think about the challenging statements and questions in this “Talkabout” leaflet.

It’s NOT a test…it’s just a chance for families to chat about a topic that we sometimes think our children understand when they don’t fully!!! Please share some of your experiences and Faith ideas together.

I think I can guarantee it’ll be an interesting chat and will help your child take a few more steps on their journey of Faith!

You can record your chats if you wish and return them to school, but equally feel free to keep your leaflet at home.

Thank you,
Mrs McLaughlin & Ms McElhone (RE and Sacred Heart Goals Co-ordinators)


Answer the questions below, or download the 'Talk about Faith' PDF here.

Do you know some people who are strong in their Faith? How do you know?




What do you think helps our Faith to grow?




How and where do you think God is telling us about our Faith and our relationship with him?




What part do you think the Holy Spirit may play day –to- day in your Faith Experience?




What do you feel can nourish and feed a Strong Faith?




At times in our spiritual journey our Faith can be shaken by illness or tragedy. Do you know of any “witnesses of faith” real or scriptural who have survived these events with their Faith intact?




Although Faith is a very personal understanding between us and God, there is also a strong community aspect to it. We do not believe alone. Can you recall a time when you felt strongly that you WERE a part of a community of Faith? How did it affect you?




Our Faith says very clearly that the greatest gift on offer is eternal life. What does this mean to you as you live day-to-day?

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