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Heritage and Horizon expresses our basic values in terms of five Goals,

  • A Living Faith

  • Personal Growth

  • Intellectual Values

  • Building Community

  • Active Social Awareness

These Goals represent values which Sacred Heart Schools wish to promote and live by. They guide our behaviour and identify us as belonging to a common family. They are the public expression of what we are and what we stand for. In effect, they express our corporate identity. The active pursuit of these Goals will bring us safely into the future because the values they represent transcend time.

However values alone mean little. Actions speak louder than words and it is through the daily articulation of our values that we demonstrate and energise our educational mission. We must continually monitor, measure and evaluate our performance in this regard and you will find some suggestions on how to do this in the following pages.

The concept of the whole person is central to Sacred Heart Education philosophy. We have succeeded when our pupils become responsible members of society, confident of their own worth, and are capable of pursuing their personal missions with energy, purpose and conviction.

It is our hope that Sacred Heart Education will equip them with the faith and the fortitude to cope with the challenges they will face.

The Goals set out in Heritage and Horizon will assist.

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